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Beach portraits and beach wedding photographer

I'm a beach worshiper and Virginia Beach native. My family has been vacationing here since before I was born. By the time I started college, I knew I'd make this my home. My son Dustin and I have been  year round residents since 2001. I have a deep connection to this area and a passion to capture the essence of life here. It's a ritual to start my day jogging to the beach and photograph the mesmerizing sunrise and I cherish the chance to catch the surfers catching epic waves. My son, Dustin, is a lifeguard & full time student at Appalachian State University and lives with my boyfriend Ken and I in Kill Devil Hills during the summers. Our home is filled with a menagerie of dogs, Jackie, our Jack Russell, our Beagle, Zoe, and our Golden Retriever, Cabo. They keep me grounded, inspired and motivated. I'm in the vacation rental & real estate business and a volunteer firefighter with the Kill Devil Hills Fire Department. I strive to be happy and useful and bring that spirit of brotherly love to my photography shoots. Life is invigorating and I am grateful to live in this spiritual wonderland.  

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I specialize in family beach photo sessions with large group shots coupled with individual families within the family.  I especially love kids and dogs.  Family/group photo sessions are $350.  This is covers me taking the pictures and you can download the photos from this site for a nominal fee.

I cherish the honor of capturing the enchanting wedding and forever stamping it in time.  Beach weddings are $1750 up to 6 hours.  

Feel free to call me at 252-202-5588 to discuss details.


Suzanne Peltzman exclaims "I just wanted to thank you for taking our family photos. We love them! You were very professional and easy to work with. The pictures came out great!"  

Beth Chaplin raves "We in the Nivert family are just SO impressed with the time and care you took to capture us on Monday night, even the shots of my nieces who had only a few precious moments when they were not crying. :) We all love the photos!" 

Tara Fleming Patterson writes "Thank you SO much for the great pictures! You made the picture taking process fun! Even the kids agree! We would highly recommend you to our friends! Thanks again!" 

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